We told you it wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when Donald Trump, Jr. would coming back to Montana. We now have the details of his first trip back for the 2018 US Senate race.

According to a release from the Rosendale campaign, Donald Trump, Jr. will visit Billings, Montana on June 22nd. He'll speak at the Montana Republican Party's platform convention taking place at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center.

Here's what US Senate candidate Matt Rosendale had to say about the visit:

“Make no mistake, the people of Montana will elect someone with a flat-top as their next U.S. Senator this November. The question is: Will he support President Trump's agenda or not? I'm honored to have Trump Jr.’s support because he knows I’ll back his father's agenda and will work with him to Make America Great Again. Montanans have had enough of Jon Tester's political games, smear tactics, and liberal obstruction."

Matt Rosendale, Senator Daines, and Rep. Gianforte will also address attendees. Tickets for the dinner can be purchased at the Montana GOP's website.

CNN also has a story about the visit. Here's what a GOP source told CNN:

"After spending so much time campaigning in Montana last year, Don feels like it is almost a second home for him," said the source. "He's excited to headline the Montana GOP Platform Convention and is looking forward to doing everything he can over the next several months to ensure Matt Rosendale defeats 'two-faced Tester' in November."




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