For those of you who caught Thursday's Montana Talks statewide radio show with Aaron Flint, we caught up with two Montana radio legends: Mark Wilson and Paul Mushaben of The Breakfast Flakes in Billings.

These guys have been on the radio in Montana for over 31 years- on the same station, in the same town. They're also notorious for giving back to their community.

We hear a lot of talk about school safety. Usually it is just propaganda designed to push a gun control agenda. But what about actual school safety? These guys once again put their money where their mouths are.

Cat Country 102.9’s Mark and Paul delivered two new metal detectors to the Shepherd School District on Tuesday morning. Purchased with funds from the Flakesgiving Foundation, the walk-through metal detectors will be used by the middle school and high school in Shepherd.

Just a few minutes after delivery, school officials were busy setting up their new gift of security. When asked if he was helping assemble the metal detectors, Mark Wilson commented, "I am acquisition. They are labor.”

The list of schools has also expanded greatly beyond just the Shepherd schools which have accepted the free metal detectors.

We spoke with the Flakes on Thursday's Montana Talks, and they say that, so far, Billings School District 2 hasn't taken them up on their offer.

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