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Imagine having your business shut down, and then, just a few feet away, Hollywood actors are still able to make money at their business.  That's the double standard staring Californians in the face.

As Fox News reports:

Los Angeles bar owner was fighting back tears Friday, claiming Mayor Eric Garcetti had shut down the outdoor patio at her business -- while letting a Hollywood movie crew set up an outdoor dining area just a short distance away.

We've seen plenty of double standards across the country over the past few months haven't we? Shutting down churches, but then leaving bars, strip clubs, and casinos open. Here in Montana, we watched as county health officers shut down businesses, and left others severely restricted. Big box stores were allowed to stay open, while mom and pop shop small businesses were told to close.

We abided by a stay-at-home order last Spring, only to see BLM protestors fill the streets with barely a mention of COVID concerns from those same county health officers. But when you wanted to watch your kids play sports, up popped the county health officers again.

If it is something you as normal everyday Montanans want to do, it draws scrutiny. We were lectured about not traveling for Thanksgiving, yet if anyone else floods into Montana from elsewhere, those same officials don't seem that concerned.

The Hollywood story above reminded me of when the TV show Yellowstone did some filming in Missoula earlier this fall. Do any of you watch the show Yellowstone? I've heard it's a good show. I have nothing against the show (other than the concern that it will cause more people to want to crowd into Montana from everywhere else in the country). But it just makes me wonder why some of the same media outlets that will warn you not to travel, seem to have no problem with folks from Hollywood traveling here during the so-called pandemic.

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