Last week when the news broke about Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds we spoke with Victoria Coates from the National Security Council, who also is a deputy assistant to President Trump.

This week, we got to hear the fascinating insight of Dr. Mehrdad Kia. He's an expert right here in our backyard who heads up the Central and Southwest Asian Studies program at The University of Montana.

Where did the media get it wrong? How do the Kurds in Northern Syria differ from the Kurds elsewhere in the Middle East and Asia? And, what should we watch for next? Hear about all that and more in our full interview with Dr. Kia posted below.

Also, coming up on October 21 in Missoula, the Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center at The University of Montana and the Montana World Affairs Council are putting together a panel discussion on this very topic: Turkey’s Invasion of Syria, the Future of the Kurdish Question & the Rising Tensions in the Persian Gulf Region.

Here's the details:

When: Noon, 12:00 PM
Date: Monday, October 21, 2019
Place: Skaggs Building, Room 114
University of Montana Campus


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