When will we know we are over the hump and our economy can get back up and running again? What happens with the Montanans who are testing positive for coronavirus, or COVID-19? When do they know they are in the clear? Are there any therapies, treatments, or preventive medications that the doctor recommends?

Those were just some of the questions St. Vincent Healthcare's Dr. Scott Sears tackled for us during our statewide hour on the radio Tuesday.

So, if you end up getting tested positive for coronavirus here in Montana- when do they consider you in the clear? First, Dr. Sears says you have to be fever free for three days. And you have to be fever free with no medication. Second, other COVID-19 symptoms must show significant improvement. Third, he says you must wait seven days until after the symptoms first occurred.

For answers to the rest of the questions, and more of our chat with Dr. Sears- click below for the full audio.

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