I actually jumped on the radio in defense of a couple Democrat lawmakers from Billings, Montana a couple weeks ago. State Senators Jen Gross (D-Billings) and Kathy Kelker (D-Billings) were being attacked for working with an organization that opposed Medicare for All to draft an op-ed that ran in state newspapers.

So what? You don't think major newspapers in this state coordinate their editorials with politicians and special interests? (By the way- a tip of the hat to Pat Bellinghausen for later making a similar point on The Billings Gazette editorial page. I hadn't seen her piece until now.)

Clearly Medicare for All is seen as a threat to both urban and rural hospitals in Montana, and the debate is dividing Democrats on the issue. As a result, it is now clear that any Democrat who questions Medicare for All is subject to attack by some in the liberal media, and the further Left flank of their party.

Those are both a couple viewpoints I shared recently on the radio. Then, I spotted a tweet from an active member of the Democrat Socialist movement in Billings- Amelia Marquez.

Marquez, who ran unsuccessfully for the Montana Legislature in 2018 sent out a tweet hinting at a primary battle against Democrat incumbents in Billings. Because of the Medicare for All debate? I asked. Marequez responded, "A few reasons but that is included."

Check out the full thread via Twitter below:


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