Are Loose Animals A Trend?

First, an elephant roams the streets of Butte. Now, a zebra destined for a petting zoo in Montana is wandering through a forest in Washington. Four zebras escaped a trailer in North Bend, Washington, and one has been evading capture for three days.

When the animals first escaped over the weekend, some rodeo professionals stepped in to help recapture three. That sounds fitting for animals destined for Montana, rodeo professionals wrangling them on the side of the road.

Cheering For Animals

I wonder what goes through these creatures' minds when they run off in strange towns. Do they have the capacity to know what they're doing? I was hoping the elephant would have a fun adventure in Butte after years of performing. It sounds like this zebra is having a grand old time right now. I also cheer for bulls during PBR, "Get him off your back! Have a fun trot around the arena! Keep your buck-off score at 100%!"

Honestly, He Seems To Be Winning

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The referee of the animal world has outsmarted all of the humans trying to catch him. Maybe he deserves his freedom at this point. He can earn his keep reffing football in the fall. He'd probably do a better job than half the NFL refs. Just saying.

Stripey McZebraPants

I agree with dadchats. If you think you saw the zebra, no you didn't

@dadchatsJustice for Stripey McZebraPants♬ original sound - dadchats

Honestly, though, we hope this cool dude remains safe and unharmed. He's a baller.

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