A book on how to sabotage wolf hunting has been released by an environmental activist group known as Earth First!. The group is targeting the Rocky Mountain region and Montana in particular. 

"[The book includes information on] how to dismantle traps intended for wolves, how to release wolves who have been caught in traps -and do it as safe as possible - and also some suggestions on how to interfere with wolf hunting or the permitting of wolf hunts," said Earth First! spokesman Panagioti Tsolkas. "From going to the offices that are selling the permits, and disrupting and intervening, to actually attempting to safely stop people from, what we view, as a violation of the Endangered Species Act and a threat to, not just wolves, but entire ecosystems."

Many of the activities in the book are illegal, here's how Cholkas justifies the criminal activity the book advocates.

"We think its important first to ask 'what is right' and 'what needs to be done' and then the second question might be 'is it legal or not.' I think we've seen a history of movements from civil rights to the suffrage movement, to labor movements. Any time those movements had successes, it was because people were willing to challenge what was legal and do what was right."

The book is called the Wolf Hunt Sabotage manual and is partly a response to the delisting of wolves from the Endangered Species Act.

Earth First! spokesman Panagioti Tsolkas:

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