The cattle auctioneer congressman's viral video is getting all sorts of national attention. This, after Congressman Billy Long (R-MO) shut down a protester at a House hearing with his epic auctioneer skills.

But there's also a Montana connection- did the Missouri native, former Montana Senator, and cattle auctioneer Conrad Burns actually babysit Congressman Long back in the day?  No, but Congressman Long did share a hilarious story about Conrad babysitting for some mutual friends when he called in to Thursday's 'Montana Talks' radio show with Aaron Flint.

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Courtesy Rep. Billy Long's (R-MO) Facebook page.
Courtesy Rep. Billy Long's (R-MO) Facebook page.

Did you see the childish protesters (Senators included) who were disrupting the Kavanaugh hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee? You probably had the same reaction the rest of us did- someone shut those yahoos up.

Well, when a protester tried to disrupt a hearing on the House side of Capitol Hill, Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) did just that. And the first thing I thought was, 'of course he's from Missou-ah." Why? Well, Montana's former US Senator, farm broadcaster, and cattle auctioneer Conrad Burns also grew up in Missouri. (By the way, an old Burns staffer tells me that Conrad Burns actually babysat Billy Long when he was a kid! She says she heard it from the congressman himself. I am working to confirm) *Update: Rep. Long actually called in to Montana Talks on Thursday morning. While Conrad didn't babysit him, he does have a great story about Conrad Burns doing some babysitting. Audio will be posted soon*

Check out the video via C-SPAN:


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