Could lawyers with the American Bar Association be held criminally liable for lying to Congress? Absolutely. That's what Mike Davis had to say Tuesday morning.

Davis is the president of the Article III Project. He's also the former chief nominations counsel for Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, and a former law clerk to Justice Gorsuch.

I spoke with Davis about President Trump's nominee for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals- former Montana Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke. VanDyke was attacked by the American Bar Association (ABA) on the eve of his nomination hearing before the US Senate Judiciary Committee. As I told you earlier this week, Davis is pointing out that the ABA violated their own conduct rules when conducting their attack on VanDyke.

I reached out to the Helena-based attorney who conducted the evaluation, Marcia Davenport, and offered for her to join us on the radio. She did not respond to the email, and a staffer with the ABA said she is not conducting media interviews.

Mike Davis with the Article III Project joined us earlier Tuesday on the radio. Not only did the ABA violate their own conduct rules, Davis says ABA lawyers should be prosecuted for violating federal law.

Click below for the full audio:

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