Once again, I've ventured across the internet to the land of Reddit, stumbling upon a thread about dating. Throughout the years, dating mainly remained the same. Do you want to find a date? Try the bar, rodeo, event, etc. However, the modern invention of the internet makes dating a new adventure.

Dating Apps (Ugh)

The Reddit user, RomanticAce, asked how to find someone in Billings besides the bar or rodeo. Mainly they want to see events/happenings for this sort of thing, rather than go the modern route and use apps such as Tinder.

What options are available?

Thanks to many commenters, who were mostly very kind, we have a few ideas for you to find that special someone to share the beauty of Montana with! From fun events, and organized rides around town, to sports leagues, here's what I got:

  • Billings Parks & Recreation's Program Directory
    • Parks & Rec has a fruitful list of events and happenings around Billings, many of which would be great for meeting a friend or more!
    • Lap Swimming, Golfing, Tennis, Pickleball, Table Tennis, and other sports.
    • Cooking, fitness, scuba, and others.

Click the button below to view, and learn more, in the directory.

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Others have suggested simply going for a bike ride on the Billings TrailNet trails, out climbing, or just simply enjoying the outdoors.

VisitBillings.com offers "Billings Buddies" where you can learn about some of the great people in Billings, and their Events Page is full of fun options.

Finally, one suggestion was... Church. I don't really have anything to say on that. I'll let you deal with your own conscious. :)

The best options in my eyes are simply getting out in the community, taking part in events and other happenings, and one day that special someone (or some cool new friends) will find you.

Have a great weekend.

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