On Sunday we shared some photos from Friday morning, as volunteers gathered at the Metra to assemble food boxes. This photo gallery shows some of Saturday's activities.

All of the meals that were assembled on Friday were loaded onto a refrigerated truck where they sat overnight. On Saturday morning, another group of volunteers arrived to help setup the distribution area, unload the trucks and deliver meals.

Once the meals were unloaded, volunteer drivers lined up their vehicles and, one-by-one, they were loaded with an average of 3-5 meals. The drivers were asked which section of town they wished to deliver to and were accommodated with a set of addresses for that area. Many drivers simply responded, "Anywhere is fine." Thanks to the generosity of so many, there was actually a surplus of drivers.

Delivery of meals is specifically for those who are unable to come to the Metra and be handed a box. Once all of the delivery meals were on their way, the crew got ready for phase two: handing out meals to those in line. Mark and Paul took their positions at the end of two assembly lines and handed out each box to those in need.

Keep an eye out for a video series on Flakesgiving and, once again, thanks to everyone who pitched in to help our community.

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