Oh boy. Today I was talking to our DME Rachel about the old "Yanni or Laurel" audio, and how you hear one or the other... and she reminded me of THE dress. Remember THE dress debate from 2015?

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What "dress" debate?

Well, if you lived under a rock back then... you missed this viral hit. This washed-out image of a dress appeared on Facebook, and within a week garnered more than 10 MILLION tweets and social posts about it. It grew so big, that the scientific community even investigated it, for insight into human color vision.

Who made it?

Roman Originals made the dress and went on to sell a TON of them thanks to this internet phenomenon. But, confirmed by the company, the dress is actually...


Honestly, I think this is #fakenews at the highest level. After polling everyone in the Townsquare Tower today that I could find, only TWO said it was blue and black... with one going rogue and saying grey and white (Bill, you may need to make an eye appointment)

Who cares?

Sure, you may be thinking that right now... but remember this was HUGE back in 2015. Always good to revisit a classic point of debate (before political debates were all the rage on social media).

What do you see? Blue and Black? White and Gold? Let us know on the app, or in the Facebook Comments. :D

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