The idea of planning a vacation or trip to see family is already daunting but then you have to pay for it all! A family of just one or two can be somewhat spendy out of Billings, but not too bad. However, if you have one, two, three or more kids and you need to buy 5+ airline tickets, you can be looking at a tab of $1,500 or more! And that's just using a $300 roundtrip example to Seattle. Imagine if you needed to fly across of the country or to another country. Yikes! has come up with the answer to everything... An alternative to a credit card. Two words: payment. plans. Think layaway at Kmart for Christmas stuff except you don't have to pay it off before you travel. Upon check out there are a few payment options like credit card and Western Union and then there is a tab that says 'payment plan.' You can chose between 3, 6, and 12 month financing options with rates between 10 and 30% APR based on your credit. The credit check, to make sure you qualify for financing, won't hurt your credit score at all. The company who is working with ( just has to be sure you qualify.

There are no hidden fees to do this and you can book as much travel as you need. So, for all you travelers who are in and out of Billings a lot and are looking for an alternative to racking up a credit card bill to be able to travel, check out!

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