An updated report from Forbes released 2015's richest people in each state and for many local Montanans, the answer isn't too surprising. 

The editors of Forbes' wealthiest person found a little trouble when it came to tracking down Mr. Moneybags for about one-fifth of the state, but that just goes to show that new moneymakers are vying for that Richie Rich number one spot.

Forbes reporters examined fortunes and public assets, everything from properties to oil wells to coal mines; Sounds like someone from Montana, right? With that in mind, let's get down to it.

It should come as no surprise that Washington state is home to the nation's wealthiest man, Bill Gates, cashing in at $78.8 billion.

If you were to travel a little farther north, you would find America's poorest rich person, "money manager" Robert Gillam from Alaska who is valued at $320 million.

Last, but certainly not least, Dennis Washington was calculated to be Montana's wealthiest person, clocking a net worth in of about $5.8 billion. Let's not forget to mention that only six states were reported to have no billionaires. Way to go, Mr. Washington. He doesn't even look a day over 60.

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