Former National Guard Sergeant Lindsay April Haugen was sentenced Wednesday to serve 60 years in the Montana Women’s Prison by Yellowstone County District Court Judge Gregory Todd.  Haugen acknowledged she knew it was wrong to strangle 25-year-old Robert Glenn Mast to death on Sept. 15 inside a car at the Heights Wal-Mart, and said the prosecution’s recommended prison sentence of 65 years was “overwhelming” but that she deserved it.  Haugen pleaded guilty in April to the deliberate homicide of Mast.
According to court documents, Haugen killed Mast by putting her arm around his neck to choke him before holding his mouth and nose shut for as long as 20 minutes.  She and Mast had eaten pizza and drank wine in the parking lot that night before she said Mast asked her to kill him.  Yellowstone County District Judge Gregory Todd ordered Haugen to serve 60 years with the Montana State Women’s Prison.