Throw out the record books, it's Griz-Cat week, and even the politicians are getting involved.

The Republican Party tent may not be big enough, at least this week, to contain the school spirit contained in Attorney General Tim Fox, a UM Grizzly fan, and Senator State Daines, an MSU Bobcat fan, They've made wagers the past three years which forced the loser to wear their rivals' fan colors.

"The first year we had the wager, I gave him a nice Grizzly Under Armor sweatshirt, and he had to wear that to work for a day while he was still a congressman," Fox said. "The second year, I gave him two Grizzly bumper stickers that he had to put on his truck for 30 days. Last year, I gave him a beautiful Grizzly necktie that he had to wear on the floor of the Senate, and I have it on good authority that his stature and standing in the U.S. Senate has risen dramatically since he wore that tie. This year, I have selected a really nice Grizzly ball cap that he has to wear. The loser this year has to post his photo wearing the winners cap on social media.

Daines waxed confident with his statement.

"I might have lost this bet for the last few years, but I'm looking forward to a great game on Saturday," Daines said. "I know my fellow Bobcat fans join me in looking forward to seeing our esteemed Attorney General sporting some great Bobcat gear."

The game has been sold out for months. Kickoff is scheduled for 12:00 noon inside Washington Grizzly Stadium.

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