Attorney Wendy Patrick, who provides weekly legal updates for Fox News Radio, recently came on Montana Talks to discuss the astronaut on the International Space Station who allegedly committed a crime while in space! Aaron asked a good question: who has the jurisdiction?

Here is their brief conversation.

We greatly appreciate Fox News Radio and the great correspondents for providing time to visit on Montana Talks about national and international topics. These connect the local radio show and its listeners to the larger Fox News community.

The visits are also a chance for the news personalities to loosen up and have a little fun. When reporting, they are professional and to-the-point, their messages concise for time. With Montana Talks, they are welcome to elaborate and further discuss the topics with input from Aaron. On one such visit with Rachel Sutherland about Julian Assange’s extradition to the U.S., she openly wondered about the fate of Julian’s cat that he kept in that Ecuadorian embassy with him. I about fell off the chair laughing.

And you are certainly welcome to join in the conversation and add your bits of good humor.  You can call the studio line at (406) 294-0970 to come on the air. If a little shy, please send Aaron an email at

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