Todd Starnes will be on Montana Talks this Tuesday, August 13 to start the 9:00 statewide hour. Hear the man with the commentary, and please feel free to call, 406-294-0970. What does he think of everything that is going on all around us? Is the American ship sinking?

Just before 8:00 on Montana Talk, Todd Starnes gives news and commentary courtesy of Fox News Radio.  In that one minute, he gives an unabashed principled and conservative view of the changes creeping through modern American society. You can hear him each weekday on the Fox News Radio network. Now Mr. Starnes has a new book published titled “Culture Jihad.”

According to a press release for the book:

In it, he predicts things like the Betsy Ross sneaker controversy, and says its no surprise the Dems are now doxxing Donors in an effort to silence them.

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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