Coming up on Friday's "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint:

"Amazing leadership." That's how the Broward County Sheriff describes himself, even after multiple failures by him and his office have now been uncovered in the wake of the school shooting in Florida. We'll get a lesson in real leadership from Steve Bucci, a Green Beret and former top Pentagon official. He'll join us a little after 7AM.

Plus, a new high school for Lockwood? What's the latest on that front? We'll check in with Evelyn Pyburn who writes for The Yellowstone County News. You may also know Evelyn from The Big Sky Business Journal, so we'll get the latest in big sky business from her as well.

Speaking of business, you might be amazed at some numbers coming out of the high tech industry here in Montana. We'll hear from Christina Henderson with the Montana High Tech Business Alliance in the 8 o'clock hour featuring a new report.

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