From Made in the USA fly fishing waders, to Made in the USA hospital gowns. Check out this story out of Bozeman, Montana.

Gallatin County has been hit with more positive-tested coronavirus infections than anywhere else in Montana. According to Shaylee Ragar, 40% of all positive coronavirus infections are in Gallatin County.

Thanks to some generous local benefactors and one of the best-known names in the fishing business, local health care workers are getting some much-needed protective gear. On Monday, Bozeman Health announced that they were partnering with local charitable organizations and Simms Fishing Products to manufacture reusable hospital gowns.

The demonstration of financial support shown by Yellowstone Club Community Foundation and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to fund the effort for Simms Fishing Products to manufacture reusable medical-grade gowns is one of resilience and collaboration that helps ensure the continued health and safety of our community.


The news even caught the attention of fly-fisherman, and Fox News personality, Shannon Bream:


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