If you haven't checked out the latest edition of the Yellowstone Valley Woman magazine yet, it is certainly a must-read.

Gracing the front cover of the August-September edition is a young woman by the name of Bethany Taylor. At 14 she ended up homeless and on her own. Now, she's giving back to the very programs that rescued her.

Bethany joined us on the Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint earlier this week.

Here's an excerpt from her story, now available on newsstands:

She had just started high school at Senior High when one day, after spending the weekend at a friend’s house, Bethany came home to a locked door, which was unusual, she says. It gave her a feeling that something wasn’t right. She ended up finding her way into the house through a window and started taking a shower. Her mother’s boyfriend came into the bathroom yelling at Bethany, telling her to get out — and not just get out of the shower, but leave the house altogether.

“I yelled at my mom to ask him to stop, but she didn’t say anything,” Bethany says.

Bethany got out of the shower, grabbed whatever was in sight and stuffed it into her school bag. As her mother’s boyfriend raged, all Bethany remembers was her mother gently saying, “Beth, just leave,” as she closed the door behind her daughter and locked it again.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Yellowstone Valley Woman magazine for more.


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