Placement is everything...

I've had a few listeners to our Montana Talks radio show message me saying they got a kick out of this yard sign spotted on the west end of Billings. They're not sure if the homeowner is actually a supporter of Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), or if the homeowner had another message they were trying to send.

Does the homeowner actually support Tester? Or, are they just dogging him out for voting alongside New York Senator Chuck Schumer? Let's play this out.

Let's assume they are supporting Tester, and just didn't consider placement. As another listener to the show pointed out, "Isn't it ironic that this Tester supporter has a big fence and a dog to keep people off his property that don't belong there...almost like building a wall o keep people from entering our country illegally?" (Which is ironic because Tester voted against funding for the border wall, voted against Kate's Law, and voted in support of sanctuary cities)




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