Montana’s Republican congressional candidate has reportedly made conflicting comments about health care reform.  House Republicans narrowly approved a bill that significantly reduces coverage for pre-existing conditions, adds costs to seniors and provides a massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.  Democratic-candidate Rob Quist panned the GOP plan, believing the the House bill would raise premiums on Montanans and make healthcare unaffordable, but Republican Greg Gianforte gave conflicting opinions.


His campaign offered a statement Thursday saying in part [quote] “Greg has repeatedly said he will not support a bill until he knows it reduces premiums, preserves rural access, and protects Montanans with pre-existing conditions.”  But that same day, The New York Times reported Gianforte provided a private conference call with conservative lobbyists a supportive stance on the health care bill.  Gianforte’s campaign defended his comments to the Washington Examiner.

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