The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows the lowest Congressional approval rating, ever. In an effort to show how political opponents can work together, Republican Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona, and Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico, will be maroon on a desert island. Called, “Rival Survival,” the show will air on Discovery Channel on October 29th

The idea is nice sentiment, but it’s one tiki torch short of a pig roast. Here’s a plot twist that would improve the show. Since we can’t vote every member of Congress out of office, maroon the entire Senate and House of Representatives on the island with Flake and Heinrich. It would be easy to trick Congress to go to a desert island: tell them it’s a lobbyist junket. Provide an open bar and it would take several months before Congress figured out that they’d been duped into reenacting “The Lord of the Flies.”

My name is E. Curtis Johnson. Renaming this show, “Gilligan’s Island II,” would work also, because Gilligan never did get off that island.

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