For many years, tuition at Montana University System schools was frozen, which led to an increase in enrollment throughout the system, and thanks to Governor Bullock’s executive budget, tuition will be frozen again for the next two years.

Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian said he was grateful to the State of Montana for its support of higher education.

“The Governor has been incredibly supportive for all forms of education in the state,” said Christian. “He proposed in his executive budget enough money to essentially pay for a three percent tuition increase across the system for every student in Montana, that’s about $24 million total. That allowed the Board of Regents to freeze tuition. It didn’t happen on its own; there was a lot of legislative support, as well.”

Christian said he hopes the tuition freeze will encourage more students to attend schools within the Montana University System.

“Access affordability has certainly been a forefront principle for the Board of Regents, allowing students more access to affordable education,” he said. “I have high hopes that it will continue to support growth across the system and new opportunities for students and we’re incredibly excited about it.”

Christian said higher education in Montana has always been a good value, but with the two year tuition freeze, it has become even more affordable, even for out of state and international students.

“We were talking at the Board of Regents meeting yesterday, that it’s hard to believe, but many non-resident students can come to Montana and actually pay out of state rates for less than they can stay at home,” he said. “Of course, it’s a fraction of that cost for state residents with the support of the legislature and the Governor.”


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