We announced earlier this week (ORIGINAL STORY) that we're providing the Billings community with free potatoes. Thanks to Foth Farms and Riverside Contracting, we'll have over 29,000 pounds of russet potatoes to give away WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, beginning at 10 AM at the Metrapark UPPER PARKING LOT today (5/9/2020).

We are strongly urging you to PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES as outlined by State and County health officials. You will largely be self-regulated. Please try to maintain a 6 foot distance from people who are not a member of your household. In addition:

  • The free potatoes will be laid out in a long line. Please do not crowd others at the pile.
  • There is plenty of parking to park away from other vehicles if you choose.
  • 15 pounds of potatoes should comfortably feed 20 people, says Leaf.tv 
  • Bags and boxes WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Please bring your own. Potatoes are fairly heavy so be careful loading large, flimsy boxes.
  • You can take as many as you would like. Please don't take more than you need.
  • Please drive slowly in the parking lot and be alert for pedestrian traffic.
  • 29,000+ pounds of potatoes is a lot, but we do expect them to go fairly quickly. They are first come, first serve WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
  • These potatoes are great for baking, mashing, frying, etc. and can also be used as seed potatoes in your garden.
  • We will be active on our social media page(s) during this event so feel free to ask before driving to the location if you have any specific questions. We'll update our post(s) when the potatoes are gone.

Again, we urge you to be courteous and respectful regarding social distancing. Thank you so much.


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