There's not one Green Party candidate in Montana's 2020 US Senate race, there's two. And one of them is hammering liberal Gov. Steve Bullock for "corruption" as he attempts a challenge against the popular incumbent Republican Senator Steve Daines (R-MT).

Both Montana Public Radio and Lee Newspapers pointed out the surprising additions of Green Party candidates on the ballot, including former state government employee Wendie Fredrickson who is running for the US Senate.

The Helena IR quoted Fredrickson as saying, “The people of Montana deserve better than Steve Bullock.” But you really have to see her full statement to the press to get the full effect:

As an audit reviewer, Wendie witnessed, first-hand, the underhanded ethics and intimidation tactics of Governor Bullock.

“The people of Montana deserve better than Steve Bullock,” said Fredrickson. “During his tenure in office he has deliberately inhibited investigations and stifled the concerns of Montana’s auditors. He created a hostile work environment of a place I had enjoyed working two decades, and actively intimidated or fired employees who raised concerns about fraud and the mismanagement of federal and state taxpayer dollars. It saddens and concerns me that he has decided to run for the U.S. Senate—Montanans simply cannot afford the risk of electing Steve Bullock.”

Former reporter with the Helena Independent Record, James DeHaven, covered the instances of Governor Bullock’s intimidation and misconduct extensively in 2016. His coverage of this issue can be found here: Helena Independent Record, September 11, 2016 “Top Montana Officials Accused of Stifling Auditors Work”

Why does this matter? Democrats like to see Libertarians on the ballot, in the hope that it will siphon votes away from Republicans. Meanwhile, Montana Democrats will go to extraordinary lengths in order to block Green Party candidates from appearing on the ballot out of fear that it will siphon votes away from Democrats.

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