Missoulians are working together to help feed locals in need and 'Can the Bobcats,' in a food drive campaign that ends after the Griz vs. Cat "Brawl of the Wild," set to occur on November 23.

"What we're trying to do is collect more food here in Missoula County to go to the Missoula Food Bank than the Bobcats can collect over there in Gallatin County," said Sandi Tyler from Karl Tyler Chevrolet in Missoula. "We've collected a lot of food in the past. We went from just collecting about 9,000 pounds between the two schools, to collecting just about 148,000 pounds last year.

Missoula has a lot of work to do, over the past fourteen years, the Bobcats have only been “canned” once. In 2012 both the Griz and the Cats brought in record numbers, however, the Cats managed to bring in 68,500 pounds of food (and $29,000), while the Griz only totaled 29,000 pounds (and $29,000).

"Our goal this year is 100,000 pounds, last year they collected about 80,000 pounds (in both cash and cans), so we think if we collect 100,000 we should beat them," said Tyler. "You can come to Karl Tyler Chevrolet here on North Reserve, or any of the Missoula Federal Credit Union locations. There's actually several other drop places including Albertsons and Rosaures... lots of different places that have gotten involved and are willing to help us."

The 'Can the Bobcats' food drive will continue until half-time at the big game on November 23. There will be a weigh-in before the Griz/Weber game this weekend to see how close the Griz are to meeting their goal. On the day of the "Brawl of the Wild," Griz fans are invited to make a final push to victory by bringing canned food to the Rally in the Valley in Caras Park.

Join us for the Griz Rally in the Valley - Brawl of the Wild edition for the Griz/Cat game.  The tailgating fun begins at 11 a.m. November 23, and the big game starts at 12:05 p.m. at Caras Park.

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