A helicopter helped a homeowner find a failed burglar on Monday evening.  The Billings Flying Services helped track down 36-year-old Amir Mallak following the botched home invasion.  A neighbor went to help the homeowner and began looking for the intruder.  Commissioner John Ostlund, who was also a neighbor, contacted Gary Blaine’s Billings Flying Service to provide air support to locate the suspect.  Mallak was spotted in a ravine in south Billings near Hillcrest Road by the helicopter pilot.

The homeowner checked the rest of the house and found a shotgun sitting on top of a recliner, moved from a closet prior to the burglary.  Inside a pillowcase was the homeowner’s laptop, shotgun shells, and other items.  The suspect allegedly had methamphetamine in his possession when apprehended.  He was charged with possession of dangerous drugs, not the botched burglary.

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