With congress passing an infrastructure bill, I was thinking about what infrastructure improvements we could make around Billings. A new way down off of the rims would be nice, or a quicker way to connect the west end with the heights, that's always a 30-minute trip at least. Maybe a better truck route to help with traffic flow. No matter what the plan, it's going to be expensive, but let's use a crystal ball to plan for down the road, so we are prepared and paid for now rather than later.

Sewer, gas, water all will need to be expanded. Speaking of water, we really need to think about saving more of it with some more dams and reservoirs. The demand for electricity and water is only going to grow. We're supposed to be getting a big reservoir for water storage and recreation. Bridges and overpasses should be on the list. We are already doing an airport expansion so that should be good. Hopefully, the money will go for infrastructure and not some pet project or payback for political support.

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The one that I would really like to see is wall-to-wall cell phone service along our interstate systems. It's a must now in a state like ours. Better internet service for some areas I think could also be considered infrastructure now. How about some more rest areas along those long stretches of Montana highways? Maybe it would be a good time to update some of the equipment we use in the state as well: snowplows, fire units, etc.

There has to be a million ways to use this money, but let's make sure we get what the majority of all of us could benefit from. After all, we are all going to be paying for this massive spending until we die. Maybe we should put bigger cemeteries on the list too.

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