Downtown Billings is beginning to get its swagger on. In 2013 the newly renovated Northern Hotel opened creating a stylishly modern outpost in the middle of cowboy country. Now Doc Harper's Martini Bar is adding to the swanky feel of Broadway Avenue that had previously been the domain of great beer, karaoke and transients. If only Sean Connery could stop by it would make the entire experience perfect... just to be a geek I'll probably order my martini "shaken, not stirred".

Owner Bruce Harper named the martini bar after his father Robert "Doc" Harper who practiced medicine for over 4 decades in Eastern Montana and retired in Billings before passing away in 1994.

Doc Harper's opens today at 4pm according to their Facebook page so I would get their early if I were you because there is limited space and sure to be a bevy of ladies in little black dresses waiting to get in.


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