Yesterday was National Dog Day. I think that most people knew that by the number of dog pictures that I saw posted on Facebook. Which I found funny due to the fact that you guys posted more pictures of dogs than you did of your kid's first day of school.

And after my daughter and I went out for lunch yesterday, we saw these two trotting down the road. I was immediately informed that we would be stopping and helping these two wandering souls.

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Both were friendly. But obviously lost and looks like they had been on the run for a few days. So we got them some food and water combined with a little shade on my back porch.

I had called the phone number on the tags but it went straight to voice mail. So I put this picture on Facebook. I instantly got a zillion "shares". Thanks to all who shared. Sharing lost dog posts is the modern way to help people look for their lost animals without having to leave your chair.

After about an hour we got a call back from the owner who said that he was on his way to my place to pick up the dogs.

When he arrived, I saw that he had brought his son. That young man was the happiest out of all of us. And his dad promised me a "Doodle" puppy out of the next batch if I wanted one.

So if you lose your dog anywhere near my place, my daughter has appointed herself "The finder of doggie parents." I might have to get her something to drive with both flashing lights and luxury dog beds.

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