We've had a few callers into the radio show say, "well, if you're gonna be forced in to wearing a mask...I'm wearing a Trump 2020 face mask."

A nice lady from Bigfork, Montana named Frances said she did just that, and she's been going everywhere with it- from the grocery store, to Hungry Horse Dam, and Glacier National Park. She said she's gotten great responses across the board, even from little kids flashing her the thumbs up.

Frances from Bigfork: I'm doing like the governor says. I'm wearing a mask, but it says 'Trump 2020' on it.

I asked if her she gets a few looks. She says most of the responses have been positive. Most people just want to know where she got it, and some people even want to get their picture taken with her.

Most people want Trump, they just aren't saying it. Even little kids would throw thumbs up.

I told her she might get some different responses if she showed up in downtown Bozeman during the freedom walk on Thursday night. She said, "Oh yeah, I'm sure I'd probably get hit over the head there, but..."

Listen to the call below:


By the way- before I forget...so where did she find the mask? She said she found hers at the Flathead County GOP office in Kalispell. But she says you can also find Trump masks at the mall by Penny's.

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