Good sleep is vital for good health, and you deserve to wake up refreshed and ready to face your day — even if you have sleep apnea or another sleeping disorder.

CPAP machines, or continuous positive airway pressure machines, are an important tool that can require a bit of an adjustment period for some. We reached out to our friends at Juro's Pharmacy, Health & Wellness for their top tips on improving the CPAP experience:

1) Use your CPAP consistently. By consistently, we mean every time you sleep. At least one survey showed that up to 20 percent don't use their CPAP machine daily, but it is important to use it at night and during naps. Just make it part of your routine, like taking a bath before bed or brushing your teeth.

2) Keep your CPAP clean. Without proper care, CPAP machines and masks can harbor bacteria, mold and allergens, and poorly maintained equipment just doesn't last as long. Commit to cleaning your CPAP system regularly, and consider a solution like the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer, available at Juro's Pharmacy, Health & Wellness.

3) Maintain a good mask fit. Your CPAP supplier should help you find a mask suited for you based on a variety of factors, such as whether you sleep on your side or breathe through your mouth, but the experts at the Mayo Clinic urge you to keep working toward a better fit if it just doesn't fit right, if air leaks out and dries your eyes, or if skin irritation develops.

4) Replace your CPAP parts on schedule. Worn materials just don't work as well, and here are some general replacement guidelines:

  • Filters and Nasal Cushions: Every two weeks  Mask Cushion: Every month
  • Mask Frame & CPAP Tubing: Every 3 months
  • Headgear, Chinstrap, Humidifier Water Chamber: Every 6 months

Juro's Pharmacy, Health & Wellness can help with sleep apnea testing, getting started with a CPAP machine, repairing a CPAP machine and replacing CPAP parts. Learn more at

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