Ever since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated the number 4 House Democrat in New York City's primary elections, I told you that the rise of the self-described "Democrat Socialists" isn't just isolated to NYC. Self-described "Democrat Socialists" also won surprising primary victories (and are now the official Montana Democrat Party candidates) all the way back here in Billings, Montana.

One of the candidates, Amelia Marquez, celebrated the placement of an "abolish ICE" banner that was hung over the interstate between Billings and Laurel on the 4th of July. ICE, of course, stands for immigration and customs enforcement- and Laurel, Montana is home to one of the most patriotic Independence Day celebrations you will find.

Not only is Amelia Marquez a self-described "Democrat Socialist," Amelia is also a transgender candidate who grew up as Alonzo Marquez.

I've reached out to Marquez to join us on the radio with no response so far; however, I just spotted this profile piece in The Missoula Independent: Meet the Billings democratic socialists working to win over the working class

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

Should she prevail in November, Marquez would be the first openly trans person elected to the state Legislature. Her opponent, Rodney Garcia, is a former legislator and retired oil worker who says he was recruited to run by Public Service Commissioner Tony O’Donnell.

While speaking with the Indy, Garcia repeatedly referred to Marquez by her birth name, out of “respect and courtesy,” he claimed. Reminded of Marquez’s chosen first name, he replied, “I just got a door hanger on my door and it says [Amelia] too, but I go by her given name.”

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