We recently read about Walmart possibly phasing out self-checkout kiosks in Montana. Mainly because the self-checkout system has led to Walmart seeing a significant increase in thefts. Sometimes unintentional thefts. Customers can't always be sure if their item was properly rung in or if they simply forgot. Some thefts are intentional though. And shoplifting seems to increase dramatically around the holidays.

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According to the New York Post

Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon called out theft as “higher than what it has historically been” earlier this year. The big-box chain — one of many retailers battling increasing theft that has eaten into their bottom lines — has armed employees with handheld devices that track purchases at self-checkout registers, an Insider report revealed.



Giant retailers like Walmart spend big money on preventing theft. You can see surveillance footage of shoplifters getting caught sprinkled all over the internet. Not all shoplifters get caught, but some are just not that bright. For example, we recently stumbled on a story of a shoplifter at Walmart getting busted while the store was hosting a "Shop with a Cop" event.

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According to the Detroit News

Officials said the woman tried to steal more than $720 worth of merchandise from a Genoa Township Walmart store on Saturday.

At the time of the alleged theft, 75 law enforcement officers, including some Michigan State Police troopers, were at the store for a "Shop with a Cop" event.

The officers went through the store with some children who had been given time and money to shop for themselves and their families.

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When it comes to people with sticky fingers here in Montana, what are the most popular items they tend to steal? We compiled a list of the top 8 items that typically get stolen from Montana Walmart locations.

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