If you haven't heard the new single from Post Malone & Morgan Wallen, I Had Some Help, I'd encourage you to take a listen. We JUST put it onto Cat Country 102.9 today, and it starts playing tomorrow... for all you fans of Morgan and Post.

(Warning: It's the uncensored version, unlike what we play on the radio.)

At least behind the scenes, we've been jamming to it inside the Townsquare Tower since... Wednesday. (Sorry, we get it a smidge early to make sure YOU get it on time.) Now, if you heard it on clips from Stagecoach this year... the general consensus was that Post Malone is great no matter what... and Morgan came off as a dude at a Karaoke bar who had a few too many. You be the judge.

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Either way, the actual single sounds great. However, another article that came out recently related to Morgan is still in the back of my mind. And it is about his chair-throwing incident.

Eric Church Adds A Special Plaque To His Bar

Now, I don't care if you like him or hate him, but Eric Church is as much a part of Country Music as Jelly Roll is.

According to Parade.com, at Eric's downtown Nashville bar, he recently added a fun "Tease" to his rooftop seating area.


So true... but does this mean Morgan Wallen has the green light to do it again?

Time will tell. That we know is certain with Morgan.

What are your thoughts?

Do you like the new single with Morgan and Post? Do you think we need more GOOD crossovers like this? Let us know on App Chat or the Facebook Comments Section.

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