(Some opinions inside this article, mainly aimed at anyone who likes their steak as a lump of charcoal.)

I had a friend back in Miles City I adored, and still miss to this day... but she drove me insane every time we stopped at the Black Iron Grill for lunch or dinner. I'd always order my burger, or steak, Medium Rare. As it should be. What did she say? "Cooked, Well Well Done" And the look on the waiter's face was always one to take in. But, she liked it that way... and DID even try my "Medium Rare" burger once...

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What is the PROPER way to enjoy a steak, Montana?

Medium Rare. But, since you're here already, let's look at our neighboring states and see what THEY pick for their steaks. Zippia.com shared details from Google Trends a few years back... and I think they still hold true. Plus, it's National Beef Month!

Montana - Medium Rare

Delicious rib eye steak on a flaming grill
Credit: Ben6, ThinkStock

As it should be.

North Dakota - Medium

Steak dinner
Dylan Rives, Getty Images

Ok, fine. Medium works. Though, for some reason, your neighbors to the east have lost their minds.

Minnesota - Well Done


Minnesotans have lost their minds. Well done? On EVERY Steak? I can understand if you overcook it by accident, especially thinner steaks... but EVERY Steak? Shame.

South Dakota - Rare

What I suspect are Black Angus cows out to pasture near Elkwater Lake, AB
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If I wasn't such a great guy, I would make a Kristi Noem joke here. But, how rare? Still mooing? MOOOOOOOO.

Wyoming - Rare

Cowboys riding a horse over the mountains

It's not surprising after spending a few months living in Buffalo, Wyoming back in 2018. Montana has better steaks. Plain and simple.

Idaho - Medium Rare

Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One - Titans of BBQ presented by National Beef and Pat LaFrieda Meats hosted by Dario Cecchini, Pat LaFrieda and Michael Symon
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Oh, our potato-loving friends to the west... I knew there was a reason we are so tightly connected. Enjoy that steak. Salt, Pepper, and maybe a bit of butter are all you need.

What are your thoughts?

How do you take your steak? Do you also have that one friend who needs everything "cooked"? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook's Comment Section.

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