Montana has many dark tales, but nothing like this haunting story.

Montana has been a state since 1889, but the history of our state is long and not pretty.

Most people think Montana is still the Wild West, and some interesting stories were the building blocks of Big Sky Country. From the gold and copper rush to Lewis & Clark's Expedition and more were all crucial to Montana's history.

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Not all of Montana's stories are bright and shiny. There are some dark tales in our state.

Photo by Sergiu Valena via Unsplash
Photo by Sergiu Valena via Unsplash

The Battle of Little Bighorn was where Custer's Last Stand happened, and over 250 soldiers lost their lives. There are also stories of several serial killers in Montana, and most of those tales are gut-wrenching.

Are those Montana's darkest tales? Nope.

Photo by Eniko Polgar via Unsplash
Photo by Eniko Polgar via Unsplash

There is one heartbreaking and haunting that many locals don't know the history about.

Let's talk about Sacrifice Cliff near Billings.

We know the United States and the Native Americans have had a terrible relationship. Native Americans were forced off their tribal lands and moved to reservations all over America.

The Crow tribe was ravaged by smallpox during the early 19th century. Those who tried to help their people jumped off what is known as Sacrifice Cliff to save their people. The rumor is the cliff's still haunted by those spirits.

The tale of Sacrifice Cliff is heartbreaking and makes you think about what life was like during that time in Montana.

Montana needs to reflect on these stories and try to make our state a better place.

Who else needs a drink?

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