The comedian host of Fox News' Saturday Night, and former New York cab driver Jimmy Failla delivered unfettered and unWoke jokes for the audience's guilty pleasure in Helena's Civic Center.  He even dressed for the climate, in a turquoise western shirt and goofy white cowboy boots.

On TV, Failla is careful what he says due to rules.  On stage he cuts loose.  Or as he put, "I don't give a %^$#"

Here are some of the zingers he shot across the audience:

"The Democrats are so obsessed with eliminating red meat. They elected a vegetable in Pennsylvania. If he was any slower, he'd be President."

"Are you from Bozeman?  Holy *#%&.  I will speak slower."

"People ask me 'You're a dad. Aren't you worried about the soaring cost of college tuition?'  Oh please.  My son is 6 foot 5.  He's getting a women's basketball scholarship."

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Credit: Jason Koerner, Getty Images

"Not only did I get beat as a kid, but my parents used weapons man.  Either a belt or a spoon.  And that wasn't the problem; the problem part was I had to go get it for them.  Do you know how traumatic it is to go get an inanimate object that you know is going to destroy your life?  It's the closest thing to buying an engagement ring."

"Everybody in my family is a cop, okay, my brothers, my dad, my uncles, my cousins.  I didn't become a cop because of this thing called a background check."

"We went to the Perinos.  You know Dana Perino, right?  Dana is so much smarter than us.  Like real, we were taking turns going to the bathroom and Googling what they were talking about."

"You know I was a cab driver.  And everyone just gets in and talks to you 'cause you're like a cheap therapist."

"Is this an intervention, what's going on?  Yeah, like 'We are your friends.  We don't wanna see you end up in Butte.  Pull it together.'"

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