*Caution: adult themed references can be seen below

Have you seen either of these two crazy vehicles crisscrossing Montana? It's the Oscar Mayer weinermobile and the Bidenomics van. If any two side by photos are worthy of a caption contest it is probably this one.

It was pretty funny. Over the weekend, our friend Josh Rath sent a group message over the weekend with the message, "This just drove by Conlins" in Billings. The image wouldn't load for me, so I replied, "I bet it's either the weinermobile or the Bidenomics van." Ha. Turns out, that was the photo of the Bidenomics van above.

Apparently the wienermobile was also spotted in Bozeman recently.

Full disclosure, I've actually caught a couple rides in the Bidenomics van. Separate from the radio show, I have been partnering with Americans for Prosperity-Montana on a statewide tour talking about the impacts of massive government spending and how that is driving up the cost of practically everything. It's pretty funny riding around in it. You mostly get honks and waves when they see you are critical of Bidenomics. Every now and then a Biden backer will flip the bird.

The two photos above are also ironic, as President Trump just had a rally in New Jersey with over 100,000 people showing up. One of points made by the Fox & Friends hosts is how folks are feeling the costs of inflation during their summer travels to the Jersey Shore where you can't even afford a hot dog anymore.

Thanks to Josh for sharing the Bidenomics van photo.

As for the wienermobile photo, let's just say one of the listeners who sent me the photo of the weinermobile told me he didn't need credit for the photo. The one thing he did ask me to share; though, is that he couldn't believe some guy was showing off his big wiener at the downtown Albertsons!

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