We've been getting lots of great messages and phone calls from Montanans across the state giving us their reaction to Montana's first-in-the-nation ban on the Chinese-owned app known as TikTok.

Check out what Corinne in Laurel had to say Tuesday morning: (Hopefully I spelled her name right)

Well, my thoughts are- I think Americans have become complacent in everything they do. We want our TikTok, we want our Facebook, we want this, we want that, we want our tinker toys. And we don't care what China does, or our government does, as long as we have our drug of choice I guess is what you want to call it. Kind of like what Russia did with their people many years ago. Give them their vodka, they couldn't have cared less what the government did. Just my thoughts.

Her call came in shortly after I played audio of Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen describing all of the ways the Communist Chinese leadership can use TikTok to spy on Americans. Knudsen was on Fox News with Martha MacCallum. (Find the full video here)

AG Knudsen: e had a Chinese spy balloon fly over our state and take pictures of sensitive nuclear missile sites. We know that TikTok is being used by ByteDance to supply the Chinese Communist Party with all kinds of personal information. They're gathering facial recognition. They're gathering biometric data, if you're using your phone to scan your thumb. They're gathering your keystrokes. They're logging your passwords. They're combing through through your photographs, your videos...


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