Did you know the Jacuzzi hot tub started because of how much Ken Jacuzzi's juvenile rheumatoid arthritis benefitted from hydrotherapy? He started suffering from rheumatoid arthritis at age 2, and his father, Candido, invested a pump that recreated the helpful but expensive treatments he received at a hospital.

Here's a look at some of the heath benefits, according to Jacuzzi's website:

Alleviate arthritis

Water buoyancy reduces joint pressure, warm water eases pain and jets use the perfect combination of air and water to increase circulation. According to Jacuzzi, "In studies on Arthritis sufferers, improvement was particularly noted in reducing pain, joint tenderness, mood and tension symptoms, and increasing grip strength and patient satisfaction with hydrotherapy treatment in the short term."

Relieve other pain

Jacuzzi hot tubs can reduce sore limbs, swelling and inflammation and increase circulation and muscle temperature. All this helps with lower back pain, exercise recovery times and joint range-of-motion issues. Olympic athletes even find Jacuzzi hot tubs helpful.

Improve sleep

Establishing a relaxing bedtime routine, such as soaking in hot water, helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle and help with issues like insomnia and racing thoughts. The warm water is not only relaxing and calming; as your body temperature drops when you get out, this tells your body (and your mind) that it’s time to get some rest.

Click here for more information on how Jacuzzi hot tubs can help with a range of medical issues.


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