On the Januray 20 episode of the Talk Back Show, former Montana Lt. Governor and Democratic Senate candidate John Bohlinger said that if John Walsh was appointed to the U.S. Senate, he would likely withdraw his candidacy. Today, March 10, is the final day for Senate candidates to withdraw and Bohlinger said he has no plans of backing out of the race now. 

"I was disadvantaged because the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had involved themselves in a Montana primary," said Bohlinger explaining why he wanted to stay in the race. "This is unprecedented. The thing that really tipped me over was the fact that I think it's the people of Montana that should choose the next Democratic candidate for the United States Senate, not the Washington D.C. insiders."

Bohlinger said he’s asked former governor Brain Schweitzer for support and received it.

"I said Brian, I need the list of the donors that supported our campaign in 2004 and 2008 and he said 'I'll get that to you' and he has," Bohlinger said. "I also said, you know, I'll need your financial support, and he sent me $1,000. Brian is a good friend and very supportive. I have enough money in my campaign finance account to buy a tank of gas. I'm going to drive the state promoting my candidacy and we'll let the people have a voice in who gets elected."

Bohlinger said he will be leaning on his 20 years of experience in shaping public policy in Montana in order to win his primary race against Walsh.

John Bohlinger:


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