MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — Jury selection resumes Monday in the rape trial of former University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson after more than 150 potential jurors packed a hotel ballroom Friday.

Among the questions asked of potential jurors was whether they believe a man is less likely to commit rape if he has ready access to consensual sex, and whether they believe women falsely accuse men of rape.

When Assistant Attorney General Joel Thompson asked who hadn't heard about the case against Johnson, only two people among 39 seated in the jury box raised their hands.

The woman told investigators Johnson held her down and forced her to have sex with him in her room despite her protests. Johnson says the sex was consensual.

On the eve of the trial, former U.S. Rep. Pat Williams, who is now on the board that oversees Montana's university system, said UM is recruiting "thugs" for its football team. He told Missoula radio station KGVO-AM the university needs a better recruiting system.

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