Whoever came up with this idea, or the lack of this idea? A Lockwood high school student's mom reached out to us, Heidi, and let us know her daughter Taylor Kiel wrote a piece in the Lockwood Leader Newspaper about Lockwood not awarding a valedictorian award to the senior who has achieved the highest academic standards.

It's already gotten a lot of traction on social after Lockwood Schools was tagged in a Facebook post, but we haven't heard Lockwood's response.


What? This would be a total disgrace and a slap in the face to every student who tries to excel academically. The awards and accolades have not stopped for the athletes as two wrestlers were recognized for their state wrestling achievements.

What would be the purpose of not giving special recognition to these accomplishments? The author of the open letter, Taylor Kiel, says "certain individuals believe that this title creates competition and not collaboration among students". We want to know who the individuals are.

Are they afraid that someone's feelings will be hurt or that others will feel shame? Tough, they have the same opportunities as the others. Isn't it funny that we will make such a big deal out of the Golden Apple awards for the best teachers but seem to be brushing aside the top student or students in the system?

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So many people supported the construction and birth of the new Lockwood high school and then traditions like these may not be recognized? Where are your priorities? Obviously not in the right place. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian awards are traditions that have been in place for decades and have led to scholarships and other opportunities for those who achieve them. You're sending the wrong message to students about what really matters.

If we find out this is true and those awards are withheld, Mark and I will make sure those students get the recognition they so rightly deserve. Do the right thing. Give the awards to those who worked so hard and are deserving.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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