There have been many more calls into Missoula Animal Control about pets being shot by blow darts in the Lolo area after news about the attacks broke on Monday. According to animal control officer Cindy Syrjala a lot of people are donating money.

"We are receiving lots of donations from people, and our reward money is now up to $1,100," Syrjala said.

The money is for tips that lead to the capture of whoever is shooting darts at area pets. Syrjala says the darts have been found all over Lolo, in areas far afield from the areas previously reported, namely Red Fox Road, Tyler Way, Lantern Ridge Road and Delarka Drive.

"We're getting reports from people that found the darts, and just didn't realize what they were when they found them. It has expanded out: we are seeing stuff further south of Lolo on Mormon Creek Road, and stuff on the main roads down on the flat in Lolo."

So far, around 20 darts have been turned in to animal control, seven pets are known to have been shot and many pets are still missing. Detective David Walrod with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is now handling the investigation

. Anyone who wishes to report a case of animal cruelty is advised to do so via 911.

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