Well, having a nice stretch of time off from having to be here at five every morning has me spending a lot of time thinking about what is next for me. What will my life look like after a lifetime of radio?

The only thing that I want to stay away from after working here is writing or blogging every day. But you already knew that.

If I want full-time work, I have standing offers from a grocery store, a television station, and several bars and restaurants in Montana. Hmm.

I guess that I could fill my days by being an Uber driver. That way I work only when I want. And since I will still be awake by four every morning, I can take most of you to the airport for those early flights that none of your family wants to get up and drive you to.

I met a guy during my vacation who had retired from his "real job" but got tired of sitting in his recliner. So he went to work for a car dealership. And now he hauls parts and cars all over the state. He works a couple of days a week. Plus sets his own hours.

I like the sound of that.

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The great news for employees right now is that most businesses don't have enough good ones. So if you can manage to show up for work on time, you can basically have your choice of jobs that are available right now.

But all of this is not something I need to figure out today.

I've got to get back to the job websites. For now I'm just searching specifically for a job description that reads "looking for someone who can drive a golf cart and turn decent drives into eights".

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