Missoula law enforcement is reporting several calls from individuals telling consumers their MasterCard has been compromised, or demanding immediate payment of an outstanding bill.

Police spokesman Travis Welsh said the telephone scam is just another way to separate people from their money.

"We've received reports from people who have received such calls," Welsh said. "The person on the other end claims to represent MasterCard and they threaten the potential victim that their credit card will be 'locked up' if they don't pay their balance. A lot of people who are calling us are saying they don't even have a MasterCard."

Welsh said reaching out to the media is the best way to advise potential victims about what to do.

"We want to remind people to be suspicious, and to verify any information you receive over the phone, and if you're not comfortable, just hang up.The important thing is to protect yourself and your personal information."

Welsh said when a scammer calls, hang up and immediately contact the Missoula Police Department at 552-6300.

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